Finding a slider with motion control

Looking for a slider, with programmable motion control? Here are the options.

This comparison chart looks at systems with at least 3 axis motion control. They should be suitable for both live video and timelapse.

This is work in progress, and may contain errors. Please leave a comment if you find errors. 

Kits reviewed should cost < $5000

Product name OmniSlider Evolution Motion Control Motion Kit Spectrum ST4 Sapphire pro trekker bundle Second shooter plus
Genie 2 and Magic Carpet
Produced by Ditogear Edelkrone Emotimo Dynamic perception Kessler crane Syrp
Link Product page Product page Product page Product page Product page Not released yet
Features 4-axis 4-axis 4-axis 3-axis 3-axis, expandable
Vertical/angled Yes Strictly horisontal Yes Yes Yes
Released 2015? April 2017 January 2016 2017
December 2017?
Horizontal 6,8 kg
Vertical 4,5 kg
Motion possibilities
Max axis 6 4 4 3 3 pr unit 3
Slide Yes Yes, horizontal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tilt Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Focus/iriz/zoom Yes x 3 Yes, focus Yes x 1-2 (max 4 axis) No Yes No
Wireless control
Android app KOS app
IOS app App Yes, seems nice KOS app
Windows DragonFrame Yes
Mac Yes
Other Joystick PS4 controller Joystick
Motor type Servo motor Stepper motor

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